[jdom-interest] Factories for Builders

John Gaunt jgaunt at netscape.com
Wed Apr 18 14:31:21 PDT 2001

Yeah, i'll start tinkering with it. I wanted to make sure someone else 
wasn't already working on it.


Jason Hunter wrote:

> John Gaunt wrote:
>> I haven't seen anything on this for awhile. On Mar 9 a thread started
>> about making the SAXBuilder/SAXHandler classes able to recieve factories
>> for the creation of the dom nodes( jdom nodes i guess) and a proposed
>> patch was posted. But since then I haven't seen a report on the status
>> and I noticed that the SAXHandler has been pulled out into a class of
>> its own, therby rendering the patch useless.
> The latest status is that I'm waiting for someone out there to try the
> patch and write in with their constructive feedback.  No one has
> responded to my call as of yet, unless I missed it.  I'll get around to
> reviewing it myself at some point and doing some sanity testing
> experimentation, but I'd really prefer someone who plans to use this
> builder-factory functionality on a *real* project to try out the patch
> and its approach and see if it satisfies their needs.  Once the patch
> gets a review, I'll pop its integration to the top of my stack.
> So John, care to give the patch a test?  Maybe while you're at it bring
> it up to date with the latest code?
> -jh-
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