[jdom-interest] Re: subclassing [was: addNamespaceDeclaration()]

D Gross justdave at onebox.com
Mon Apr 23 11:35:33 PDT 2001

The first time I read this, I thought you meant that factory support
was now in JDOM, and the patch was for the addNamespaceDeclaration()

Now that I understand a bit better, I see what I overlooked the first
time: the instantiation calls are in the now separate SAXHandler.java
file, so I can give upgrading a try again.

I didn't consider writing my own builder class "diverging from the codebase",
since it is what you recommended when I asked for factory support, although
I recognized it would be a maintanence problem.

Please post how to get "Ken's patch".

BTW, I think JDOM is great and appreciate all the support you have given

-- Dave

---- Jason Hunter <jhunter at collab.net> wrote:
> I suspect your bug has been fixed in the current code headed toward
> beta7.  So you have three options:  Wait for beta7, get what's in CVS
> today, or try to merge the patch into beta6 yourself.  Those are three
> pretty good options, IMO.  From the above it sounds like you diverged
> from beta6, so that puts responsibility for support of that diverged
> codebase onto you.  That's the way of open source.  You're free to
> diverge, but the main trunk goes on.
> Sounds like you'd benefit from integration of a factory model into
> SAXBuilder, so I might also suggest you spend some time trying out
> Ken's
> patch and reporting back how well it solves your problem.  That way
> you'd help the patch get integrated, and after that you could hop back
> on the main trunk.
> -jh-

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