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Adam Simantel Adam.Simantel at merant.com
Mon Apr 23 11:58:53 PDT 2001

Yes, I have something that works.  It returns a JDOM Element to your
callback for any element names that you register.  If the elements you
register make up the bulk of your XML document (i.e. large numbers of
repeated elements of managable size) it should be applicable.

I am trying to find time to clean up the implementation and generalize it a

Some code snips to explain how to do this are explained in this post:


I can post more or go off this board and into details if this is not clear.


Adam Simantel
Adam.Simantel at merant.com

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Subject: [jdom-interest] Code request

Does anyone have code that can parse an XML file and return a JDOM Element
(or Document) for each element under the root element via a callback.  I
need this for processing large XML files without consuming lots of memory.
I know there have been conversations regarding using an XMLFilter to do
this, but I was hoping someone else has already done this and would be kind
enough to share there code.


Scott P. Smith
790 Oak Trail Drive
Marietta, GA 30062

email:	ssmith at summitlogic.com
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