[jdom-interest] Ideas for API changes

Jason Hunter jhunter at acm.org
Mon Apr 30 19:16:25 PDT 2001

Amy Lewis wrote:
> >If Element had an addContent(Node) and Document implemented Node then an
> >Element could add a Document.  Similarly, if Document has an
> >addContent(Node) then Document could add more than one element, Document
> >could add Entity objects which don't belong at the Document level.
> >Heck, Documents could add Documents.
> *Why* in the name of all the forest gods would you put addContent() on
> the Node interface?  

I didn't!  Note I wrote Element.addContent(Node) and

> Which raises the point that Doctype and Entity are probably not Nodes,
> either.

They are in Brett's mind.  Seems some people have visions of Node
dancing in their head, but the visions aren't the same.

> Oh, *give* me the damned knife!  If I cut myself, it's *my* problem!

So you're +1 on removing all well-formedness checking?


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