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Amy Lewis amyzing at talsever.com
Mon Apr 30 19:38:34 PDT 2001

On Mon, Apr 30, 2001 at 07:16:25PM -0700, Jason Hunter wrote:
>Amy Lewis wrote:
>> *Why* in the name of all the forest gods would you put addContent() on
>> the Node interface?  
>I didn't!  Note I wrote Element.addContent(Node) and

My bad.  Please accept apology.

>> Which raises the point that Doctype and Entity are probably not Nodes,
>> either.
>They are in Brett's mind.  Seems some people have visions of Node
>dancing in their head, but the visions aren't the same.

In another email, Elliotte suggests discarding Entity.

But yes, there are clearly additional issues with a Node interface, at
the borders.  I think that they're solvable, though, and that they *do*
solve a problem.

I'll add that the applications in which I typically work involve:
1) navigation; I'm +1 on making navigation easier
2) genericity: I often don't care about the nature of the node that I'm
coping with (that's implicit in the navigation that got me here), but I
want its value; I'm +1 on changes that hand me back a generic object
that I can query for value (that's not java.lang.Object)
3) partial processing: module A cares about subset A, module B cares
about subset B, and they may overlap (extend this to many more letters,
however ... the pipelines extend); I'm +1 on changes that allow me to
better target a portion of the document, instead of having to walk
every damned node in the tree to get to where I want
4) mutability: at any point in the pipeline, the document may be
changed, sometimes quite significantly; I'm -1 on changes that make it
difficult for me to do what I need to do (for instance, the
applications we use regularly create and unwrap envelopes, extracting
some child from the root and promoting it, or demoting the root to a
first level child with several siblings)
5) extensibility; I'm +1 on anything that makes it easier for me to
customize the API for my particular circumstances

>> Oh, *give* me the damned knife!  If I cut myself, it's *my* problem!
>So you're +1 on removing all well-formedness checking?

argumentam ad absurdam; that was not what I said.  I'm +1 on allowing
subclassers to *fulfill the contract of the Node interface*, which in
JDOM context implicitly includes well-formedness.  See point 5 above. 
This is partly a philosophical issue: is JDOM the be-all and end-all of
XML representations in Java?  If I wanted to extend JDOM to support the
XML Schema specification in detail, by adding a Content subclass for
each defined type, you might well think me mad.  So what?  I would, in
fact, be creating an API on top of JDOM that enforces validity as well
as well-formedness, not breaking well-formedness.

Incidentally, I'm not volunteering to do so.  I think it's borderline
mad; the problem is that there's a project on the horizon that could
usefully do such a thing, and make the pain worthwhile.  *shrug*  Since
there is no content node type *at all* in JDOM at present, it isn't
even worth considering, really, and without a Node interface to unify
subclassing, I can't make one without effectively rewriting the API.

BTW, my last couple of posts took about sixteen hours to go through. 

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