[jdom-interest] JDOM and SOAP?

Frank Cohen fcohen at inclusion.net
Thu Aug 2 09:18:52 PDT 2001

Neat. Thanks.

I'm curious to learn how you use JDOM with SOAP? In my feeble beginnings
with SOAP I find the call structure like this:

URL url = new URL( ...);
Call call = new Call();
#1 set the call target, method, etc.
Vector params = new Vector();
#2 Create a manipulate an XML document as a vector
Response resp = call.invoke(url,"");
Parse the resp values, which is another XML document

So JDOM would fit into the #1 and #2 lines. Or is there more to it than


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> From: "Kyle F. Downey" <kdowney at amberarcher.com>
> Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 14:29:49 +0000 (GMT)
> To: Frank Cohen <fcohen at inclusion.net>
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> Subject: Re: [jdom-interest] JDOM and SOAP?
>> The Apache SOAP utility comes with Xerces. I'm wondering if anyone has used
>> SOAP in combination with JDOM?
> Yes. My company has written most of our prototype SOAP-based ORB using
> JDOM. We wrote experimental earlier versions in DOM (too much overhead),
> SAX2 (too much hair loss) and finally settled on JDOM (just right).
> --kd
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