[jdom-interest] JDOM and SOAP?

Kyle F. Downey kdowney at amberarcher.com
Thu Aug 2 15:42:39 PDT 2001

> Neat. Thanks.
> I'm curious to learn how you use JDOM with SOAP? In my feeble beginnings
> with SOAP I find the call structure like this:
> URL url = new URL( ...);
> Call call = new Call();
> #1 set the call target, method, etc.
> Vector params = new Vector();
> #2 Create a manipulate an XML document as a vector
> call.setParams(params);
> Response resp = call.invoke(url,"");
> Parse the resp values, which is another XML document
> So JDOM would fit into the #1 and #2 lines. Or is there more to it than
> that?

We wrote all the SOAP envelope parsing code in JDOM, and JDOM is used to
implement XML encoding of object values. We also built a model of WSDL in
JDOM, though we're not using that right now.

Our equivalent of the above, using Amber Archer's RMI/X technology
looks more like

// look up with JNDI
Hello hello = (Hello)ctx.lookup(...);
hello.sayHello("hi there");

...assuming you ran your Hello interface through our "rmix" compiler and
generated the stub and skeleton, which is what does all the JDOM work. You
never see XML or JDOM for that matter.

So it works out identical to EJB/RMI syntax, instead of the mess you have
with Apache SOAP. It sounds like we're not the only one doing it. :-)
Someone else on the list mentioned doing RMI based on SOAP, and I know
BEA/WebLogic 6.1, CapeClear and a couple others do it too.


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