[jdom-interest] Re: JDOM-b7 will not compile

Mark Galbreath mgalbrea at maximgroup.com
Thu Aug 16 06:55:43 PDT 2001

It usually is, and when I solve these things, it's usually a "doh!" experience.  Funny thing is, when I try compiling from the command prompt, I get get

cannot resolve symbol
symbol: method addProcessingInstruction (String,String)
location: class org.jdom.Document
Document doc = new Document(new Element("config", ns);
and when I try to compile with Forte I get

cannot resolve symbol
symbol: class Attribute
location: package jdom
import org.jdom.Attribute;
What do you make of this?


> From: Ian Lea <ian.lea at blackwell.co.uk>
> Date: 2001/08/16 Thu AM 09:29:26 EDT
> OK.  But I still think it has to be something simple along config/classpath lines. 

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