Thanks: was RE: [jdom-interest] Request for help: getting started ...

Bob Tykulsker surftool at
Thu Aug 16 08:18:52 PDT 2001

Thanks to all who replied.

To recap,
I needed to add both the jdom and xerces jar files to my classpath. It's not
enough to add the lib directory. So simple that maybe this should be a FAQ
(and Answer)!



> I am having trouble building the PrettyPrinter class documented in
> 1) I downloaded and installed jdk1.3.1 and jdom-b7
> 2) I set my CLASSPATH as follows:
> % echo $CLASSPATH
> .:/home/bobt/apps/jdom-b7/lib:/home/bobt/apps/jdom-b7/build:/h
> jdom-b7/build/classes:/home/bobt/apps/jdk1.3.1/lib

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