[jdom-interest] Again: Problem with Beta 7 and WebLogic 6.1

Jason Hunter jhunter at acm.org
Fri Aug 17 14:57:12 PDT 2001

Was a good question with great tone and details.  I just didn't have
much to offer in the way of help.  :-)  I can't reproduce it without
WebLogic, and no one else has ever had that issue that I know of.

If I were in your shoes, I'd add debug stmts to check what's going on
internally, and print out the underlying exception so we know exactly
what reflection call is failing.

One thing to note: The builder's not "caching" the class name, that
variable is supporting an override the user has if they don't want to
use JAXP.  Its not being null means the user expressed a distinct

My suspicion is it's a WebLogic JAXP implementation issue (bug,
different interpretation of the spec, etc).  Most people probably use
the Sun JAXP reference implementation where it's known to work.


Daniel Hoppe wrote:
> Hi List, me again!
> I did not get any replies to my question yet and I'm still stuck. Anything
> wrong with my question? Wrong tone? Wrong list? Unclear? Or just too
> impatient ;-)? Basically the question reduces to the plea that someone could
> maybe confirm that I can safely reuse a SAXBuilder and if there might be a
> problem with the different instantiation of the parser on the second
> invocation. If I'm missing something obvious or well-documented please just
> point me into the right direction!
> Thanks,
> Daniel
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