[jdom-interest] Schema Location

ecky at free.fr ecky at free.fr
Fri Aug 24 09:37:12 PDT 2001


As far as I understood the concept of namespaces there is no way for
your problem -- unless you declare xsi to be a namespaceprefix itself
with an attached uri, but I'm not shure if this won't provoce other


> My apologies for sending this to jdom-announce.  I clicked the wrong address.
> I am trying to create a new XML document, and I am having problems added the 
schemaLocation to the root element. Below is a sample of what I need the root 
element to look like:
> <TranXML_Envelope xmlns="http://www.tranxml.org/TranXML/Version" 
> This is what I have so far:
> <TranXML_Envelope xmlns="http://www.tranxml.org/TranXML" 
schemaLocation="http://www.tranxml.org/TranXML ../schemas/TranXML_Envelope.xsd" 
> I cannot add xsi:schemaLocation as an Attribute because colon is not valid in 
an attribute, any help is appreciated.....
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