[jdom-interest] JDOM release

Mauro Talevi Mauro.Talevi at aquilonia.org
Mon Dec 3 16:57:25 PST 2001


I've only started to play around with JDOM and I'm evaluating it with a 
view of using it in
an XML project.  
I would like to know if there a planned roadpath to release 1.0?
How many other beta releases are planned?
Likewise it is stated in the web site that performance and fine-tuning 
still have to be done.
How will that affect the api?  
Another issue concerned the JCP.  Does release 1.0 intended to coincide 
with the final release
of the JCP?  If so when is that intended?

Also, I've come across dom4j.  I don't really see the big difference in 
the aim of the two projects.
Could somebody tell me in what they differ - the only relevant 
difference I see is that fact that
dom4j is more based on interfaces and JDOM on classes.

Thanks and regards,



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