[jdom-interest] Performance tuning

Bob Jacobsen Bob_Jacobsen at lbl.gov
Mon Dec 3 22:31:57 PST 2001

Thanks for all your help.

A lot of the time was spent initializing xerxes; switching to crimson 
made a big difference.  I had trouble with namespaces during that 
conversion, so I removed them from the XML; that also saved a 
significant amount of time.

I also had trouble with crimson not being able to find the local file 
defining the DTD.  In the end, I bypassed it with a patch in the 
crimson Resolver class.  I'll have to get back to this before 
distributing the project; hopefully it won't be hard to resolve.

Bob Jacobsen (Bob_Jacobsen at lbl.gov, 510-486-7355, fax 510-495-2957)

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