[jdom-interest] collection error

Sastry, Chellury Chellury.Sastry at scr.siemens.com
Tue Dec 4 09:24:38 PST 2001


I am new to JDOM and I have been using JDOM 6 (with Java 2) in developing
one of our projects. Is it the case that JDOM 6 uses collections API defined
in Java 1.1? For example, I import


that has the collections API. However, the following code snippet generates
a run-time classnotfound exception (assume rootElement was define

List           elemList = rootElement.getChildren();
Iterator      elemIt = elemList.iterator();

    // some processing

However, when I downloaded the 1.1collections package from SUN, and the
above code snippet is re-written as

com.sun.java.util.collections.List.List            elemList =
com.sun.java.util.collections.List.Iterator      elemIt =

    // some processing

There is no run-time exception and code runs just fine.

Does JDOM 7 using the java2 collections define in java.util.*?


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