[jdom-interest] Performance improvements in jdom-b7?

Sam_Ganzman at vertexinc.com Sam_Ganzman at vertexinc.com
Wed Dec 19 07:19:11 PST 2001


First let me say that jdom is a welcome pleasure for us developer types.
I've tried SAX, DOM, JaxB and homegrown efforts.
Jdom beats them all!

I'm developing code that will convert potentially large nested objects to
xml and then convert the xml back to the original object.
My initial performance testing was done with jdom-b6. After downloading
jdom-b7 and retesting , I'm gettting very disappointing results.
My testing is iterative , spanning very small objects up thru massive
sizes. Across the board and across all criteria (CPU utilization,
wall time, heap size and total number of objects created) b7 is performing
more poorly than b6.
I specifically deleted the jdom and xerces jars that came with b6 , loaded
the b7 jars into a different directory and changed my CLASSPATH.
Can anyone explain this performance degradation and/or offer tips on how to

                    Thanx, Sam G.

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