[jdom-interest] Performance improvements in jdom-b7?

Alex Rosen arosen at silverstream.com
Wed Dec 19 11:26:39 PST 2001

The current JDOM source in CVS has a number of speedups over the b7 version.
You might give that a try.


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> Greetings!
> First let me say that jdom is a welcome pleasure for us
> developer types.
> I've tried SAX, DOM, JaxB and homegrown efforts.
> Jdom beats them all!
> I'm developing code that will convert potentially large
> nested objects to
> xml and then convert the xml back to the original object.
> My initial performance testing was done with jdom-b6. After
> downloading
> jdom-b7 and retesting , I'm gettting very disappointing results.
> My testing is iterative , spanning very small objects up thru massive
> sizes. Across the board and across all criteria (CPU utilization,
> wall time, heap size and total number of objects created) b7
> is performing
> more poorly than b6.
> I specifically deleted the jdom and xerces jars that came
> with b6 , loaded
> the b7 jars into a different directory and changed my CLASSPATH.
> Can anyone explain this performance degradation and/or offer
> tips on how to
> correct?
>                     Thanx, Sam G.
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