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Matthew MacKenzie matt at xmlglobal.com
Thu Feb 1 23:32:27 PST 2001


You have two options from what I can see, both of the ugly.

1. Option using JDOM: call Document.setDocType(...) on an existing DOM,
persist the DOM (save it to a file or something), and reparse.

2. Option not using DOM: XML4J has a notion of a Revalidating parser,
which allows you to revalidate after modifying the DOM.  I haven't used
it, but it was the only way to revalidate that I saw available in Java.

Good luck.

Matthew MacKenzie
VP Research & Development
XML Global Technologies, Inc.

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I saw a couple of posts in the archives, but none of them answered my
question quite right.

Is there a way for me to get an XML document and *dynamically* apply a DTD
to it?

I am building an app that gets a message response from a queue.  The
response is in XML.  I'd like to dynamically apply a DTD to it if I can.

If I can't, not a huge deal, but it would be very helpful to me.

Also, it seems that absolute references don't work so well to DTDs.  When
would specify it as something like "c:\app\xml\temp.dtd", the parser would
choke on it, but "\app\xml\temp.dtd" was ok.  I found some posts on this,
but still don't really understand why this is ...

Any help on the above 2 q's?


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