[jdom-interest] Re: JDOM and XSL

Tony Montgomery Smith tonyms at compuserve.com
Mon Feb 5 14:43:27 PST 2001

Further to my last posting, the following more or less works:

  public org.jdom.Document transform(BufferedReader bufferedReader, String
    org.jdom.Document targetDoc = null;
      Processor processor = Processor.newInstance("xslt");
      Templates templates = processor.process(new InputSource(xslFileName));
      Transformer transformer = templates.newTransformer();
      DocumentBuilderFactory dFactory = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();

//      dfactory.setNamespaceAware(true);
      DocumentBuilder docBuilder = dFactory.newDocumentBuilder();
      org.w3c.dom.Document domDoc = docBuilder.newDocument();

      transformer.transform(new InputSource(bufferedReader), new
      DOMBuilder builder = new DOMBuilder();
      targetDoc = builder.build(domDoc);
    catch (Exception e)
    return targetDoc;

I write "more or less" because about 1 time in 3 it makes a mistake in analysing
the document. If this were C code, I'd look for an unitialised variable, but
that is impossible in Java, isn't it?

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