[jdom-interest] xerces and jdom and Forte Transparent Persistence

Curlen H Phipps chphipps at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 5 19:07:03 PST 2001

I have a question related to the xerces, jdom, and dom question. I'm using
Forte for Java and Transparent Persistence. Forte has a persistence
framework and is using jaxp internally for processing xml documents. Also,
there is a parser.jar that has the org.w3c, and org.xml packages.

When I specify xerces.jar in the classpath, there is a conflict with the
org.w3c and javax.xml. packages, because they also appear in the xerces.jar.
Essentially, the framework is trying to use it's version of the parser and
when I specify xerces.jar it complains.

I get this problem when I instantiate a DOMBuilder and call the build method
[with a file parameter] to parse an xml document. Is it possible to use the
DOMBuilder class without using xerces, however using an adapter class that
uses the parser that is in the othe jar file??

I hope this makes sense - I really want to use JDom! I just need to be able
to parse XML docs without using xerces. I would abandon DOM altogether, but
unfortunately it is used by the framework that I am using, so I can't. If I
didn't have to use TP it would be a slam dunk! Can someone please help?!

Thanks in advance,

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