[jdom-interest] XML Schema

Boris Mann boris_mann at sympatico.ca
Fri Feb 9 21:30:11 PST 2001

I don't think (from my minimal knowledge) that this is something that
should/would be handled by JDOM.

A very interesting project is Castor (http://www.castor.org). A short
excerpt from the feature list:

- Castor XML: Java object model to and from XML
   - Generate source code from an XML Schema

Basically, direct inter-working of XML Schema with Java objects (in both
directions). Now if only XML Schema were to hurry up and finalize,

The direction that Microsoft is taking XML -- "extensions" that only work on
Windows platforms -- scares me.

-- Boris Mann

on 2/9/01 8:38 PM, Michael Brennan at mumbled something about:

> Validation is the parser's chore, but there are other useful things that
> could be done with a schema.
> Microsoft's DOM implementation provides a property on nodes that allows you
> to get the content of that node as a data value of an appropriate type
> corresponding to the type declared in the schema (although they currently
> use their own XDR schema format, not the W3C's XSD).
> I think that would be a great feature for JDOM to add. That would relieve
> developers of the chore of having to format/parse data types in the correct
> format.
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>> Schema validation is the parser's chore.
>> JDOM is not a parser.
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>> I would like to know if JDOM will feature XML Schema.  If yes, when?
>> Thank you very much for the info.
>> Ted Han
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