[jdom-interest] dtd FileNotFound

GB/DEV - Philip Nelson philip.nelson at omniresources.com
Mon Feb 19 20:06:48 PST 2001

Here is something from Dave Megginson on xml-dev...

What happens if you make that a proper URI, i.e.



URIs are a little different on multi rooted filesystems like Windows
Also check out Elliote Rusty Harolds XML Bible or his website at

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> why is that i always get a FileNotFound exception when i try 
> to parse a xml
> file with the dtd filepath set and validation on? i've check 
> for so many
> times with dtdfile.exist() to make sure the path is correct. 
> but no matter
> where i put the dtd file, either local or network, it'll 
> never get it and
> throw me the FileNotFound exception. i have try all sorts of 
> path format
> like "file://host/file", "c:\file", "//host/file" and all 
> sorts of slashes
> both "/" and "\" and still doesn't work. please help!
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