[jdom-interest] jdom-test issues

Jochen Kirn j.kirn at gmx.de
Tue Feb 20 02:43:58 PST 2001

hi Philip,

very intersting thoughts about providing tests for JDOM.
currently in the project i'm involved in we create also test cases using
the Junit framework.
For the package organization we use the following structure
For a test of class
 - which includes all needed test methods- would be suitable.
Of course this would raise the question how to write explicite test cases
(test methods)
for say protected or private methods. On the other hand i think it's
important to
differenciate between
    a) testing for proofing everything works & behaves as wanted
        (public needed for guaranteeing code works with latest jdom.jar)
    b) testing & debugging on the development level.
        (only JDOM dev participants would need)


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