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GB/DEV - Philip Nelson philip.nelson at omniresources.com
Wed Feb 21 07:05:50 PST 2001

No JDOM doesn't have any feature like this.  Then I might ask, what are you
trying to accomplish.  Doing essentially a diff on an xml document doesn't
seem like a very good way to track changes to data.  Or are you trying to do
something else?

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we are currently using JDOM in order to manage a XML retrieved from a
database. For performance, we would like to track the changes as they occur,
does JDOM provide any mechanism for this tracking. I was thinking in
something like a listener that gains control each time the document is
If this mechanism doesn't exist, I'm considering to do a wrapper but this
would implie duplicate all the api. Have you any other ideas? Do you know
somebody working in this line?
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