[jdom-interest] Tracking changes

Christian Holmqvist acroo at iname.com
Wed Feb 21 08:15:12 PST 2001

I don't know what Josep is trying to do, but I'm in a simular situation.
A client - server - admin tool that has to be able to change it's behaivor
in runtime, i.e. when changes is done to the by the admin it should be done
to the server (XML file with settings) then an event to those client that is
interested in the change could listen to the the "XMLChangedEvent" based on
what element that is changed. That would ofcourse be preferbly...

Acctully runtime behaivour / changes / parsing and so on to the Document has
to be thought about, then the XML file can be used for more then just data
storage / transportation. (Just imagin that we just have to implement a DTD
/ Schema for all data validation instead of endless lines of code doing
nothing then checking so the data is valid *woow* *smile*)

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  No JDOM doesn't have any feature like this.  Then I might ask, what are
you trying to accomplish.  Doing essentially a diff on an xml document
doesn't seem like a very good way to track changes to data.  Or are you
trying to do something else?
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    we are currently using JDOM in order to manage a XML retrieved from a
database. For performance, we would like to track the changes as they occur,
does JDOM provide any mechanism for this tracking. I was thinking in
something like a listener that gains control each time the document is
    If this mechanism doesn't exist, I'm considering to do a wrapper but
this would implie duplicate all the api. Have you any other ideas? Do you
know somebody working in this line?


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