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GB/DEV - Philip Nelson philip.nelson at omniresources.com
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I think I was thinking the idea was something different where new xml files
were presented and had to be compared.  What you want is a listener.  There
was a lot of discussion about adding listeners to JDOM early on and I was a
proponent at the time.  However, the idea was scrapped in favor of a simpler
api.  I agree with this now and seeing how time consuming it has been to get
to where we are now, I think its the correct approach for JDOM.  On the
other hand, many improvements where made to make it easy to subclass JDOM
and add listeners to your hearts content ;^)

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I don't know what Josep is trying to do, but I'm in a simular situation.
A client - server - admin tool that has to be able to change it's behaivor
in runtime, i.e. when changes is done to the by the admin it should be done
to the server (XML file with settings) then an event to those client that is
interested in the change could listen to the the "XMLChangedEvent" based on
what element that is changed. That would ofcourse be preferbly...
Acctully runtime behaivour / changes / parsing and so on to the Document has
to be thought about, then the XML file can be used for more then just data
storage / transportation. (Just imagin that we just have to implement a DTD
/ Schema for all data validation instead of endless lines of code doing
nothing then checking so the data is valid *woow* *smile*)

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