[jdom-interest] Re: building a large xml file

Joseph Bowbeer jozart at csi.com
Thu Feb 22 19:27:20 PST 2001

Another option is to use the SAX-based XMLWriter in jdom/samples
( Adapted from David Megginson's DataWriter @ megginson.com )


    XMLWriter xml = new XMLWriter(writer);
    xml.startElement("", "RootElement", "", rootAtts);
    while (!done) {
        xml.emptyElement("Row",  rowAtts);

You may also find the dataElement method in XMLFilterBase useful.

XMLWriter gives you SAX-level control over the output.  You will however
also need to construct the attributes using SAX.

    AttributesImpl atts = new AttributesImpl();
    atts.addAttribute("", name, "", "CDATA", value);

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Two Options:

1. Use StringBuffers and build the xml yourself as you process the lines,
2. Build a org.jdom.Element for each line and output it when processing
that line is complete using org.jdom.outputter.XMLOutputter.

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I've a flat file containing aprox 30000 lines with 100 fields each line.
Every field refers to a  xml-tag. I'm not sure, if my application can
handle the hole data at once, so i would read a single line from the
file, convert it and write it as part to my output xml-file. Is this
Are the other solutions to handle such large data?

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