[jdom-interest] Re: TODO.TXT: jdom.jar main method and class

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Thu Feb 22 21:08:18 PST 2001

> I'm wondering about the idea of making jdom.jar executable.
> I wouldn't expect anything in my /lib/ext to be executable, and I'm a little
> concerned about adding a Main class to the default package in every JDOM
> user's classpath.

It's common for JAR files these days to be executable.  For example, you
start the Orion app server by executing its JAR.  In the manifest you
can point at a class to execute.  For this scheme we'll have a little
Main class that uses the JDOM classes to read and display its info.xml
information.  Most packages would just leave info.xml static for manual
reading, but we can have our easter egg.  :-)

> Failing that, would it be preferable to put Main in *some* package?  For
> example: org.jdom.info

That would make it part of JDOM itself.  If it's not in org.jdom it's
ancillary.  In other words, when we write the JDOM spec, this won't be
in there.


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