[jdom-interest] Re: TODO.TXT: jdom.jar main method and class

Matthew MacKenzie matt at xmlglobal.com
Thu Feb 22 20:56:26 PST 2001

I think it would be useful to have the Main-Class just parse the file
referenced in argv[0] and print it back out.  That way it would be
possible to validate a file really quick without writing any code.
Failing that, maybe there could be a release.xml file included in every
release containing build metadata, and the main class could just print the
contents of that file.

my $0.02 CAD

Matthew MacKenzie
VP Research & Development
XML Global Technologies, Inc.

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I'm wondering about the idea of making jdom.jar executable.

I wouldn't expect anything in my /lib/ext to be executable, and I'm a
concerned about adding a Main class to the default package in every JDOM
user's classpath.

Applets have a description method, and beans have BeanInfo.  Is there not
some standard way for packages to describe themselves?  (Could we just add
some extra information to the manifest?)

The most standard thing I can find is package-level documentation.


In this scheme, we'd add package.html to src/java/org/jdom and subdirs.

Failing that, would it be preferable to put Main in *some* package?  For
example: org.jdom.info

Joe Bowbeer

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