[jdom-interest] JDOM accepted as JSR-102

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Tue Feb 27 19:37:24 PST 2001

Good news!  As discussed earlier, we have formally submitted JDOM to the
Java Community Process (JCP) as a Java Specification Request (JSR) and
it's been accepted!  Below is the email I sent today to a few magazine
and web site editors.  If you have questions, post them to


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This is an informal "press release" to let you know that JDOM was
accepted yesterday by the Java Community Process (JCP) as a Java
Specification Request (JSR-102).  Members of the JCP Executive Committee
supporting the effort include Apache, Borland, Caldera, Cisco, HP, IBM,
and Sun.

JDOM is an API for easy and efficient reading, manipulation, and writing
of XML documents and XML data.  JDOM is already a popular open source
product in beta release at http://jdom.org, and this JSR will be the
process to define its "release 1.0" form.

Putting JDOM under the oversight of the JCP as a JSR will facilitate
JDOM's corporate adoption and open the door for JDOM to be incorporated
into the core Java Platform.  JDOM will still be released as open source
software, and technical discussion will continue to take place on public
mailing lists.  I am the Specification Lead for the JDOM JSR and am
working now to set up a formal Expert Group.

More information about this JSR is available at:


If you'd like more information, feel free to contact me.


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