[jdom-interest] JDOM accepted as JSR-102

Warner Onstine warner at warneronstine.com
Tue Feb 27 21:54:05 PST 2001

Let me just say congrats to the entire JDOM team. You guys have done a great
job and I look forward to more good things in the future!


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> Good news!  As discussed earlier, we have formally submitted JDOM to the
> Java Community Process (JCP) as a Java Specification Request (JSR) and
> it's been accepted!  Below is the email I sent today to a few magazine
> and web site editors.  If you have questions, post them to
> jdom-interest.
> -jh-
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> This is an informal "press release" to let you know that JDOM was
> accepted yesterday by the Java Community Process (JCP) as a Java
> Specification Request (JSR-102).  Members of the JCP Executive Committee
> supporting the effort include Apache, Borland, Caldera, Cisco, HP, IBM,
> and Sun.
> JDOM is an API for easy and efficient reading, manipulation, and writing
> of XML documents and XML data.  JDOM is already a popular open source
> product in beta release at http://jdom.org, and this JSR will be the
> process to define its "release 1.0" form.
> Putting JDOM under the oversight of the JCP as a JSR will facilitate
> JDOM's corporate adoption and open the door for JDOM to be incorporated
> into the core Java Platform.  JDOM will still be released as open source
> software, and technical discussion will continue to take place on public
> mailing lists.  I am the Specification Lead for the JDOM JSR and am
> working now to set up a formal Expert Group.
> More information about this JSR is available at:
> http://java.sun.com/aboutJava/communityprocess/jsr/jsr_102_jdom.html
> If you'd like more information, feel free to contact me.
> -jh-
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