[jdom-interest] NoSuchMethodError while running samples

Nick Fankhauser nickf at ontko.com
Wed Feb 28 06:18:46 PST 2001

Amy gets the prize for figuring out the ultimate cause of all three of my
problems (which embarrassingly had nothing to do with JDOM.)

> You've got a Debian Linux installation, right?
> If so, you'll need to check /etc/alternatives, and probably read the...

...and sure enough, in /etc/alternatives is a link to /usr/bin/java-vm, a
shell file that I didn't know existed. It was helpfully rearranging &
inserting all sorts of .jars in my classpath just before compiling or
executing & then quietly disappearing without leaving a trace. (I've now
added an "echo" so I'm aware of what is happening in there!)

Both the samples & my "hello JDOM" program now function beautifully.

Much Thanks to Amy, Steve, Jason & Phillip for getting me past this!


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