[jdom-interest] I added JDOM support to OpenAdaptor

Scott Smith ssmith at summitlogic.com
Wed Feb 28 12:32:39 PST 2001

 In the case of flat file to JDOM, there are two approaches :

1.  Write a SAX2 compliant parser for the flat file and feed SAX2 events to
a JDOM SAXBuilder.

2.  Write a non-SAX2 parser for the flat file and simply construct the JDOM
doc directly using the JDOM API.

That code has not been written yet.  Once that code is writen, an
OpenAdaptor USER will simply specify the file name, specify the file format
(delimiter character, column names, etc.), and specify that it is to be read
into a JDOM doc.  The framework would then read the data into a JDOM doc for
further processing.  I simply added the ability to read XML into JDOM and
write JDOM back to XML - within the OpenAdaptor framework.  I still have a
lot of work to do.

I hope that answers the question.


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> OpenAdaptor (OA) can read data in a variety of formats (fixed width,
> delimited, XML) from a variety of sources (JMS, Socket, JDBC, file),
> manipulate the data, and write the data in a variety of 
> formats to a variety
> of sinks.  They supported their own version of XML, but it 
> was very limited.

Interesting.  Is the binding of data to these data objects a programming
issues or a configuration issue?  For example, if I wanted to read from
flat file and produce a JDOM document, would I write a class to map the
fields or would I edit a file?  What about XML doc to database tables

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