[jdom-interest] JDOM and VisualAge for Java

Ross Merritt ross at longhairtech.com
Wed Feb 28 18:42:21 PST 2001

I am trying to use the WebSphere Test Environment in VisualAge 3.5 with
JDOM. I can get around the class conflict between xerces and IBM XML Parser
features project, if I remove the org packages from the IBM XML Parsers
project. Then I have the problem that the WebSphere test environment

Any ideas?
Is this the correct way to get upgraded to DOM 2


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> Thank you very much.
> It worked.
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> > As soon as I try to run the demo project I get a
> > NoClassDefFound error in
> > trying to create a new SAXBuilder object to parse the
> > provided file. It
> > seems like the ClassLoader isn't able to get the
> > org.jdom.input.SAXBuilder
> > class but it is definitely in my workspace.
> right click your demo class and select properties.  Then hit the classpath
> tab.  Then click the button to compute your class path.  It should find
> of the projects that have your dom, jdom and xerces classes.  If not, just
> add them to your classpath in that screen.
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