[jdom-interest] question on JDom document validation. Happy New Year

Dominik Hasek DHasek1 at excite.com
Tue Jan 2 02:19:43 PST 2001

Hi to all of you

First of all i would like to wish you an happy new year.

I'm rather new in this mailing list and in the xml developpement in fact. My
first programming language was Java, and  i must tell you that jdom is the
best API ever made. I really wanted to knock my head to the wall when i see
the DOM or Sax API. 
Fortunatly, Jason and Brett are here to exclusively think in java ;-))

Sorry if my questions will sounds stupid to some of you :

I've noticed that JDom (Java world article) uses a SaxBuilder to parse a xml
file, and we have the choise to use validation or not.

in jason's examples validation is never set to true.

I don't know what is exactly validation. But i think it is something
like a verification to know if the inputted xml file is valid or not.

Does validation checks according to the dtd assigned to the xml file ?

If validation is set to true, and xml file is not valid what kind of
exception is thrown ? saxExceptions ? 

Thanks to all of you who can me see the light ;-))

Take care


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