[jdom-interest] Inheritance for the people!

Mores Stanislav stm at prosoft.sk
Tue Jan 9 23:27:13 PST 2001

I can see one more reason to have common Node interface
I would appreciate to have method, something like:

	Node getNode(String xpath)

that returns node for given xpath.
Since XPath can address both elements and attributes (and more ?),
that seems reasonable to have common Node interface.
What problem is with Node ?


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> > The JDOMElement should be the abstract superclass for
> > Element, Attribute and CDATA.
> No, an attribute is not an element.  And CDATA is not an element
> either.  Many have tinkered with a common Node interface, but all
> attempts to go that way have had some flaw.
> > But alas that is only possible if there existed a common superclass 
> > for JDOM elements.
> There is a common superclass for JDOM *elements*:  Element.  You can
> subclass Element all you like.
> -jh-
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