[jdom-interest] question on JDom document validation. Happy N ew Year

Jian, David DJian at priceinteractive.com
Wed Jan 10 06:56:02 PST 2001


I read this message and I hava a simple question:

How do I implement JDOM validation with schema (or dtd)?

Any example code will be appreciated.



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> i must tell you that jdom is the
> best API ever made. I really wanted to knock my head to the wall when i
> the DOM or Sax API.


> I don't know what is exactly validation. But i think it is something
> like a verification to know if the inputted xml file is valid or not.


> Does validation checks according to the dtd assigned to the xml file ?


> If validation is set to true, and xml file is not valid what kind of
> exception is thrown ? saxExceptions ?

A JDOMException.

> Thanks to all of you who can me see the light ;-))

You'll find Brett's book "Java and XML" to be very enlightening.

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