[jdom-interest] Using JDOM and LARGE XML Files ...

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Thu Jan 11 00:28:32 PST 2001

> This sounds exactly what I need to do, write a custom builder.  

The pluggable builder/outputter model is extremely powerful.

> My other comment was if anyone has thought of writing a method in
> XMLOutputter that would/could write directly to a server via POST.  

It wouldn't belong in XMLOutputter.  That's a class to write XML to an
output stream.  A class like com.oreilly.servlet.HttpMessage or
HttpURLConnection with all their HTTP knowledge would be the kind of
classes to manage piping the stream to a server.  (Have to resist taking
a class that solves one problem and making it solve every problem. 
Classes should work together for that.)  It's an interesting idea but
XMLOutputter wouldn't need to change, it already knows how to write to a
stream, and another class can expose a POST stream.


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