[jdom-interest] RE:Any expected release date for 1.0?

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Fri Jan 12 16:17:40 PST 2001

> When do we expect the JSR process to start.  

RSN.  (Real Soon Now)

> Does this mean that JDOM won't get
> out of beta for 5-7 months?  Developers in my group are a very
> uncomfortable delivering anything that is based on a beta release 
> and my timeframe to deliver is about 5 months.  I am afraid the 
> risks are greater than my project will permit.

I personally would have no concerns building on JDOM for a release 5
months from now because in 5 months JDOM should be 100% rock solid. 
Heck, there are hardly any bugs being reported as is.  Look at the
TODO.txt containing known issues.  Almost everything is an RFE.  

I think the JSR does dicate the time when we can have a formal 1.0. 
It's hard to imagine shipping a 1.0 against a version of the spec that
isn't yet Final Release.

Do with this knowledge what you will.  :-)


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