[jdom-interest] Possible BUG in XercesErrHandler class

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Tue Jan 23 09:36:44 PST 2001

Govy Munamala wrote:
>    Unfortunately I could not attach this message to the JH's latest message
> where he points that the setErrorHandler method is available in DOMBuilder.
> If I am reading the source properly, the errorHandler is attached only in
> org.jdom.adapter.XercesDOMAdapter class.
>    However, I think I can live with Brett's idea of setErrorHandler approach
> in SAXBuilder. It would be great if the Error Handler is somehow exposed
> even in DOMAdapter. 

Except, as I wrote earlier, that's not a standard parser feature, and I
don't want Xerces functionality exposes in DOMBuilder.  Bottom line is
no one should be calling those methods in production (I may even lobby
to remove them) so I don't see it as a big issue.

> It might smooth out one last kink in an otherwise
> brilliant piece of work done.



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