[jdom-interest] Problem with XMLOutputter beta7#4

stephan.segschneider at snellwilcox.com stephan.segschneider at snellwilcox.com
Wed Jul 4 01:56:40 PDT 2001

Hi all

The formatting options for the XMLOutputter doesn't seem to work.

The indentation for opening tags is always four spaces no matter what I set via
setIndentSize(int) or setIndent(String). The indentation effects only the
closing tags but 
they are set randomly (something between 2 and n spaces) an do not align with
the opening tags.

The only possible setup to get a proper output is to set the outputter something
like this:

        FileWriter fileWriter;
        fileWriter = new FileWriter(location);
        XMLOutputter outputter = new XMLOutputter();
        outputter.output(doc, fileWriter);

but this will always default to four spaces. That's actually fine for me but to
have the options would be even greater.
I have tried every setting forward and backwards but I cant get it to work. It
worked fine in beta 6.


 PS: Thanks Jason for fixing the setAttribute bug.

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