[jdom-interest] Problem with XMLOutputter beta7#4

Alex Chaffee alex at jguru.com
Wed Jul 4 10:12:01 PDT 2001

stephan.segschneider at snellwilcox.com wrote:

>        outputter.setTextNormalize(false);
That's your problem. I bet you scanned this document in from a text 
file. The parser, and JDOM, preserve all the whitespace they can from 
the original file. Then, in *addition* to that whitespace, it does its 
own indenting & newlines. Try setting textNormalize to true and the 
spurious whitespace will be stripped first.

>I have tried every setting forward and backwards but I cant get it to work. It
>worked fine in beta 6.
However, this is mysterious. If if persists, please send a snippet of 
the original file and the output.

You should also try setIndent("X"). That will tell you for sure which 
spaces are being added by XMLOutputter (the X's) and which are from the 
original document.

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