[jdom-interest] Namespace/Transformer Problem

Tim Sheridan tsheridan at intersectsoft.com
Mon Jul 16 06:49:42 PDT 2001

I took the SimpleTransform.java class (from the Xalan-J 2.2.D6 releaes) and
used it to transform a JDOM Document to a plain text email message. The
transformation worked fine when run standalone. I got the following message
when I incorporated its use in my servlet:

Namespace not supported by SAXParser

The library versions I am using are as follows:

JDOM - Beta 7
Xalan - 2.2.D6
Xerces - 1.3.0
Tomcat - 3.2.2

Has anyone else had this problem? Any input would be great help thanks.

Tim Sheridan

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