[jdom-interest] Namespace/Transformer Problem

Brett McLaughlin brett at newInstance.com
Mon Jul 16 07:35:19 PDT 2001

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From: "Tim Sheridan" <tsheridan at intersectsoft.com>
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Subject: [jdom-interest] Namespace/Transformer Problem

> I took the SimpleTransform.java class (from the Xalan-J 2.2.D6 releaes)
> used it to transform a JDOM Document to a plain text email message. The
> transformation worked fine when run standalone. I got the following
> when I incorporated its use in my servlet:
> Namespace not supported by SAXParser

You probably have a parser in the classpath of the servlet engine like Sun's
Project X (xml.jar) that is affecting things, and is being loaded before the
parser you are using (probably xerces.jar). Try this:

In TOMCAT_HOME/lib (or your servlet's lib dir), rename parser.jar to
z_parser.jar and jaxp.jar to z_jaxp.jar. Tomcat loads everything in lib
automatically, by name, so by doing this xerces (X) will be loaded before
z_parser.jar (Z), and things should work fine.


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