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John Muhlestein jmuhlestein at i-link.net
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I do set the Content-length when I POST.  I have included the Class which
does the post and the servlet that is calling the class that does the call
to the program that parses the xml.  (There is a bunch of debug code in the


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At 1:44 AM +0100 7/18/01, Bob Tarling wrote:

>Basically, as far as I can make out, the problem is that the DOM parser
doesn't always know when a stream coming in through a BufferedReader has
ended. If your reading a file then fine, a file has a definite end. But if
your reading in through a socket it just carries on waiting while the socket
is open as it doesn't know if the client has finished. ..
>The attached solution sends the entire XML across the socket as a single
string terminated by a line break. This is then transfered to a StringReader
and the StreamReader can be accepted by the build as the string has a
definite end.

No, unless there's something weird going on with servlets specifically
(Jason, comments?) this should not be the problem or the solution. When you
use HTTP POST, you should always include a Content-length MIME header that
specifies the exact number of bytes you're sending in the message body. Once
that number of bytes as been received, the server should indicate end of
stream. If you're not sending a proper content-length header field, then the
client needs to close the connection so the server knows it's done. 

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