[jdom-interest] Question on deprecated XMLOutputter method

Mark J Laird Markl at waterford.org
Mon Jul 30 09:34:31 PDT 2001


I am updating my code to use jdom beta7.  In the process, I have had to change several parts of XMLOutputter
code to remove deprecated methods.  I am having some difficulties rewriting the code that was using the
"setIndentLevel" method.  I am using the code to add one Element to an existing XML file, and I want the
Element to be "pretty-print" indented so that it lines up with the existing Elements in the file.  The existing
XML file is a log file, which can get quite long, so I don't want to read the entire file into memory when I
know that I will always be adding the newest entry to the end of the file.

The documentation indicates that a "stacked FilterOutputStream" is the preferred solution.  Could someone give
me some insights on how this might be done, or point me to some resources that would help me?  I have included
part of my code below to show what I am doing.  Thanks in advance.


[Sample code]

      File logFile;
      XMLOutputter xmlOut = new XMLOutputter(OUTPUT_INDENTATION,true);

      Element xmlLogEntry = createLogEntryXML(strMessage,t,strEntryType,additionalInfo);

      //Append the newly created error to the end of the existing file.  This
      //requires that we remove the closing </Logs> and </ErrorLog> tags, add
      //the new error, and replace the closing tags.
      FileOutputStream os = new FileOutputStream(logFile.getPath(),true); //The second parameter signals that
we append to the file rather than overwrite
      xmlOut.setIndentLevel(2); //Leading spaces for the error XML tags
      String strClosingTags = OUTPUT_INDENTATION + "</" + LOGS_TAG_NAME + ">\r\n" +
                              "</" + ERROR_LOG_TAG_NAME + ">\r\n";

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