[jdom-interest] JDOM and JAXP jars

Scott Ellsworth scott at alodar.com
Mon Jul 30 15:43:56 PDT 2001

At 04:14 PM 7/30/2001 -0400, Fred Clewis wrote:
>I thought the JAXP idea was to use it instead of Xerces.

The idea, if I understand it correctly, is to use it and any old parser 
rather than binding a specific parser into your code.  You still need to 
give it some parser to use.

>But when I removed xerces and imported jaxp.jar and jdom, jaxp is unhappy 
>because it cannot find org.w3c.dom and JDOM is unhappy because it cannot 
>find org.xml.sax.

Give it the Crimson parser, a la crimson.jar in the standard distribution.

Scott Ellsworth
scott at alodar.com

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