[jdom-interest] JDOM and JAXP jars

Fred Clewis clewisf at us.ibm.com
Mon Jul 30 13:14:39 PDT 2001

I have been using JDOMb6 and Xerces jars imported into VisualAge for Java
353 for a while.  I recently upgraded to JDOMb7 and Xerces and everything
worked without code changes.  Good Job JDOMers!  One thing I wanted to try
was the smaller footprint jaxp.jar mentioned in your readme.  VAJ (and
perhaps all IDEs) cannot resolve all class references, particularly inner
classes and runtime references, so I often have to include entire jars,
like JDOM and Xerces in my application jar.  Most of my 1.4 meg application
jar is the xerces jar.

I thought the JAXP idea was to use it instead of Xerces.  But when I
removed xerces and imported jaxp.jar and jdom, jaxp is unhappy because it
cannot find org.w3c.dom and JDOM is unhappy because it cannot find
org.xml.sax.   Trying to add back Xerces to the mix is not allowed due to
the VAJ single package rule.

I have read in the JDOM FAQ about using JDOM with VAJ xml4j, but at the
moment I am not using WTE so xml4j is not complicating this picture.  My
question is what jars do I import to use JAXP?

thanks for any ideas,

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