[jdom-interest] Re: Not finding attributes on an element

Scott Ellsworth scott at alodar.com
Mon Jul 30 19:51:42 PDT 2001

At 02:51 PM 7/30/2001 -0500, Robert r. Sanders wrote:
>I was having this problem too.  The above resulted in the namespace
>declaration being added to the root xml element, and when I read in the file
>the attributes had the correct namespace.

Thank you for the suggestion.  I added this, but it did not make a 
difference - I believe I got the same effect by putting the namespace into 
the element creation, which it then picked out during XML 
generation.  Looking at the XML, it already had a namespace declaration in 
the root element.

As best as I can tell, said namespace declaration on attributes is just 
being ignored by the attribute builder, because the lookup for it is 
failing in SAXHander.startElement.

*For the grungy details, see my next message with the same subject...
Scott Ellsworth
scott at alodar.com

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