[jdom-interest] JDOM JSR

Jason Hunter jhunter at acm.org
Tue Jul 31 12:56:25 PDT 2001

Alex Rosen wrote:
> > JDOM is also accepted as JSR ( http://jcp.org/jsr/detail/102.jsp )
> BTW, something that was mentioned a while ago was that being accepted as
> a JSR doesn't necessarily mean that it will be a "standard" part of
> Java. I didn't ask at the time, but I wondered, then what does it mean
> to be accepted as a JSR? What's the benefit? Jason or Brett (or JDD if
> you're out there), what does it mean to be accepted as a JSR, and does
> this imply for JDOM?

I talk about this in my standard JDOM talk (slides are on the website). 
And I'm sure I discussed it on this list back in the days when we were
considering the proposal.  Here's the talking points from the pertinent

What exactly does this mean?
– Facilitates JDOM's corporate adoption
– Opens the door for JDOM to be incorporated into the core 
  Java Platform
– JDOM will still be released as open source software
– Technical discussion will continue to take place on public mailing 

Basically, companies are happier to use a technology that's under a
formal oversight committee, and Sun's happier to have Java components
depend on other components in the JSR process.  Having JDOM as a JSR
also helped tangibly in opening up the JSR process to make it more
friendly toward open source projects.

> Also: The JSR says that "A proposed javax namespace package name would
> be javax.xml.tree." Is this still the current thinking? If JDOM does
> move to javax, does that say anything about how "standard" JDOM is?

It's something to disucss.


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