[jdom-interest] jdk1.4 replacing JDOM with "XML Binding"?

Tom Oinn tmo at ebi.ac.uk
Tue Jul 31 02:20:45 PDT 2001

Martin Bravenboer wrote:

> JAXB is quite different from JDOM. JDOM has a generic class structure to
> represent a XML file in Java objects. JAXB creates a dedicated class
> structure for each DTD. It's completely impossible to handle unknow content
> (or 'any content' in XML Schema) in JAXB.

Quite. There isn't really any overlap between the two packages; if you
need a generic parser then JDOM does very nicely, if you want to rapidly
(and it is, very) build objects from a known structure then JAXB is
looking at least promising, if not quite finished yet. I would use JAXB
for message processing, as it's extremely efficient, and this is an
application where the speed really counts. Otherwise for generic loading
where I might actually want to use the 'X' in XML, I use JDOM. There's a
place for both of them.



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